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Save time and money for you and your clients with our unique knowledge base. Learn more  Переводы contention в словаре английский»сербский. con·ten·tion [kən't  31 мар 2021 contention: Определение contention: 1. the disagreement that в примерах не отражают мнений редакторов Cambridge Dictionary или  My contention is that my men are more than able to handle any job given them. Да, мои люди сумеют справиться с любым заданием. Was that the bone of  bone of contention.

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It is my contention that state lotteries are taxes on stupid people. The captured territory was the main area of contention between the two countries. The show Barney has always been a source of contention for me. But seriously, it has ruined my childhood. The definition of contention is a struggle, dispute or something that someone argues about.

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Meaning and definitions of contention, translation in Telugu language for  The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 7. English to Tamil Dictionary: contention. Meaning and definitions of contention, translation in Tamil language for  contention Definitions and meaning in English · a point asserted as part of an argument · a contentious speech act · a dispute where there is strong disagreement  Перевод выражения "Refute a contention": Большой англо-русский словарь. contention /noun/ তর্ক; বিবাদ; যুক্তি; তর্কাতর্কি; বচসা; বাদানুবাদ; বিতর্ক; SYNONYM argument; conflict  13 Apr 2018 The dictionary definition of contention is “a heated disagreement”.
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strife , contention , discord . Spillers / naken , a .

Definition  Finally, the Commission disputes the contention that Council Directive 83/182/EEC (2 ) can be construed as meaning that the Danish rules may be treated as  2. submission - (law) a contention presented by a lawyer to a judge or jury as part of the case he is arguing. contention a point asserted as part of an argument. TYCKE: translations into english.
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These contention problems are difficult to identify and resolve, because problem processes must be singled out and reprioritized to allocate resources to the most important processes first. Aside from the resource contention problem itself, identifying and fixing the problem can also be time-consuming and lead to further project delays. 2021-02-22 · contention (countable and uncountable, plural contentions) Argument, contest, debate, strife, struggle. A point maintained in an argument, or a line of argument taken in its support; the subject matter of discussion of strife; a position taken or contended for. It is my contention that state lotteries are taxes on stupid people.

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strife , contention , discord . Spillers / naken , a . stark - naked . -ny , Splittra , v . a . to separate , to splinter .

Definitions of contention a claim or assertion advanced in argument, especially in a lawsuit "The plaintiff's contention was that the doctor had been negligent in treating her." noun. 1 mass noun Heated disagreement. ‘Sea power's dominance, however, has been a point of contention among military historians.’. ‘Another area of much contention is the desired level of channel control sought by the manufacturer.’. ‘It is my contention that the two groups simply have radically different registers and types of interaction.’ ‘It is not my contention that information must needs run on a parallel track to entertainment.’ ‘I agree with her contention that the debate was a good thing for the party, as argued below.’ Bone of Contention Meaning. Definition: A source of continuing, unsettled disagreement.. This phrase specifies a particular point that no one can agree upon; it is the primary issue of disagreement between two people or two groups of people over an extended period of time.